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A small dedicated team of experienced engineers ready to take you call so whether it be a virus removal, laptop running slow or just need some advice feel free to get in touch with us and we will help.

remote it support

Remote computer Manchester support is quite a unique concept within the personal computer and laptop repair industry. A lot of computer businesses are now making their entire business around offering clients remotely.
There are numerous advantages for a entrepreneur to offer remote pc repair they turn out to be very obvious when operating in the remote computer repair model.
With benefits there are also disadvantages and several limitations I wish to explore with a little more detail.
Firstly should you be supplying remote computer support you will be able to pretty much guarantee there’s a cost saving linked to not having to travel to the business or individuals place of work/home to correct their computer system. This is a advantage to both the organization and the customer. No petrol to be charged suggests cheaper costs in general.
Second of all there is the swift reaction time of remote pc repair. Your client’s computer is often fixed just by getting in touch with the remote computer repair business and within minutes there will be a laptop expert remotely connected to your PC/Desktop/Laptop/Tablet dealing with your current IT service question.
Now both of these points We’ve summarised above are generally things going for remote computer support. There can also be several disadvantages to fixing a computer remotely.
Hardware problems happen in desktops and these can’t be repaired remotely. This is usually a challenge for the user as well as the pc repair company. The user will likely need to pay for a call out charge associated with the laptop/computer repair expert coming onsite to swap out the faulty component part. The repair company will have to book time and a technician to visit onsite and carry out the swap out of existing defective computer hardware. There is additionally the possibility that the repair service may need more than a single call out. The first to establish exactly what laptop or computer component has went faulty. This may be anything from

  • Shattered Apple ipad panel
  • Faulty hard drive
  • Bad ram
  • Power blown on power supply unit
  • Water damage to keyboard
  • Intermittent fault
  • This obviously is not a comprehensive list. If you’re fortunate the remote computer support business should have competent technicians that will be able to identify the hardware problem ahead of visiting, however, not in every case.

    Another problem with remote pc repair providers is computer virus and malware infections. Commonly every time a virus takes hold on a system the net is blocked or perhaps the bandwith is used by the computer virus. In this example the computer technician may not be able to get connected to your laptop or computer to offer remote computer repair. There are in fact several straightforward ways round this issue like starting up your computer up in safe mode together with networking turned on. Then starting the remote pc repair software. This approach typically gets round the trojan until such time that the Laptop/Computer expert has preformed all the essential steps to scrub your personal computer of the virus.

    Remote Computer Support Tools

    So you could be reading this information and run an IT help business well over the years most of us here are already providing all kinds of remote computer repair and have used numerous remote viewing utilities to connect to client computers to provide IT assistance. Below is a list of some of the computer software products we’ve used with some comments of our own experiences.

    Teamview: Excellent application along with easy to download client. Offers the added advantage you can do a remote reboot into safe mode 5 Stars

    Goto Assist: this software program was developed by the large corporate company Citrix around their very own systems. A little cumbersome to run nevertheless it has an added selling point of “install as service” which performs wonders if you’re trying to carry out administrative activities upon domain work station.

    GFI Managment: This is really a jack of all and the remote assistance section of the package is basically just team viewer. Hats off to GFI mind – easy way keep clients and easily get connected to their computers using the GFI dash board

    Join ME: Only just stared using this webapp. Looks very advanced and such a small client computer software. Great looking web-site.

    VNC: It is old school, employed this back in the day before any of the above remote computer repair software companies. Can’t fault it but I think the rest above offer up far more than what this does now.

    Conclusions: All of the above remote computer repair applications have great capabilities. I would likely not write any one of these out. They all their very own small hickups but you’re always going to get that whenever connecting via the internet to your clients.

    Join the forum to ask any questions you might have regarding Remote Computer Support and where to start.

    Happy New Year!

    Just a quick post to say happy new year to all our computer and laptop repair customers in Manchester.  We look forward to your custom in 2012!

    Extensive List Of Laptop Drivers download links

    Laptop Drivers

    When we do software repairs on laptops and computers one procedure which is quite common is wiping the operating system clean.  This usually involves backing up all the important info on the laptop or computer hard drive.

    The “software repair” can be done on most systems and carries some great positive effects when fixing a computer.  You’ll find that most Microsoft operating systems lists below slow down over time

    • Microsoft Windows 98
    • Microsoft Windows XP
    • Microsoft Windows Vista
    • Microsoft Windows 7

    The older OS’s (operating systems) usually slow down faster.  Windows 7 seems to be pretty good at keeping it’s speed.  I’m currently typing this laptop repair article on a Windows 7 computer that was purchased back in March last year.  It’s only now starting to get a little slow at start up but still pretty quick operating normal tasks like web browsing and office applications.

    Of course reinstalling the operating system on your computer not only speeds up your system sometimes we may need to do this at Laptop Repair Manchester if the system registry becomes corrupt.  We have tools to fix the registry however these don’t always work and software may not function correctly.

    Other reasons for re-installing the operating system might be when a virus badly infects the laptop.  Sometime computer viruses can take over systems completely.  Even with our set procedure stated below sometimes the best option is a complete system wipe.

    • Virus Removal Procedure.
    • Cold boot laptop/computer in safe mode
    • Run complete file scan of all files within safe mode
    • disable startup items that look suspicious
    • clean registry
    • defragment hard drive
    • install proper anti virus product (not a free product like AVG which is awful!)
    • run manual file download update of anti virus product
    • run full system scan with new av product
    • start system normally
    • monitor processes

    As you can see our virus removal procedure is quite extensive but sometimes viruses can get past even these steps in which case we have to do a “Nuke and Pave” of the system.  Basically a clean wipe of the hard drive.

    Of course there are some steps involved in doing this also

    • backup user data (pictures, music, movies, documents, spreadsheets, emails, email addresses, itunes)
    • backup software and license keys
    • run re-install of correct operating system
    • apply correct software license to Microsoft Windows activation
    • re-install system drivers
    • restore backed up date
    • connect laptop back up to home network
    • reconnect devices (scanners, printers, phones)


    Once you’ve done this process you realise it takes quite a bit of time and you really need to know what you are doing otherwise you might mess something up  or miss one of the steps.  If this happens you can run into problems further down the line and wish that you’d phone Laptop Repair Manchester to fix your computer or laptop.  On that note we must also mention that we fix Apple Macs to!

    No as the title of this article states the head line is Laptop Drivers.  One thing that a lot of cowboy laptop and computer engineers in Manchester always mess up is the hardware drivers after a re-install.  Without the correct drivers installed on your laptop devices within it will not function properly.  Here are the main laptop drivers that require re-installed as part of an additional process after Windows inbuilt system drivers have been automatically installed in the operating system installation stage:

    • Graphics Driver/Display Driver
    • Sound Driver
    • LAN (local area network) driver / NIC card driver
    • WLAN, Wireless LAN driver for WIFI
    • Bluetooth Driver

    Here is a list of the most common laptop drivers download page.  You may also get these drivers from a CD that was included with your laptop or computer at time of purchase however this is becoming more rare due to the ease of access on the system manufacturers website.  We hope you find this information useful, a good idea would be to bookmark this page in your browser so you can refer back to it for the latest drivers for your laptop.  And remember we are Manchester’s number one Computer Repair Company!

    Acer Notebooks & Netbooks

    Gateway Notebooks & Netbooks

    eMachines Notebooks & Netbooks

    Packard Bell Notebooks & Netbooks

    Asus (Select model manually > notebooks & e-family/eee pc)

    Dell > Choose a model > Laptop

    Fujitsu > Select a Product > Notebooks

    HP (all sub catagories within url)

    Lenovo > find product tab > laptops and netbooks

    Medion > Notebook catagory

    MSI > Option 2 > Notebook

    Panasonic > Computer Products > NOtebook Computers

    Samsung > “or find your product category” > PC & Office > PC > Netbook & Notebook

    Sony > option 2> category & select

    Toshiba > notebooks & archived files



    Used Laptops are they worth it?

    I’ve been looking at our search results for Laptop Repair in Manchester and a lot of people have been searching for the following search terms:

    Cheap Laptops in Manchester

    Used Laptops in Manchester

    Where can I buy a used laptop in Manchester?


    These search terms and similar ones have been coming up more often.  Laptop Repair Manchester offer computer and laptop repairs however we do sometimes have used laptops in stock that can be purchased for knock-down prices.

    You can get a brand new laptop for around an entry level price of about £250-£300 however your really do pay for what you get and if you are thinking of purchasing  laptop think long term and what you’ll be using it for.

    First question, how often will you be using your laptop?  Every day?  Then why would you invest so little on an item that you plan to use for a good amount of time.   These are things to think about.  The other question we get asked is what I should get a laptop or a normal desktop computer.  Well that decision is entirely personal preference and has more to do with when/where you’ll be using your computer.  Will you be taking it to work or on the road?  A laptop might be a better option.  However if you are a power user a desktop workstation with a decent CPU, RAM and graphics is the way to go.


    Some of our used laptops.....

    Back to used laptops, they can be worth the money!  We sometimes get gifted laptops that are faulty.  These laptops may only have a few minor issues like a failed hard drive.  All that is required is a replacement hard drive and a re-install of the operating system.  Common operating systems include Microsoft Windows 7 and XP.  There are also Mac Laptops.  We got a Mac Book pro in last week from a customer he’d smashed the screen on it but was after an Ipad so we recovered the data off his laptop and in return he told us to keep the Mac book as we could use it for parts.

    That’s exactly what we did.  Ordered up a new screen for the Mac Book Pro and fitted it removing the faulty screen.  30 minutes work and I’ve now got a Mac Book Pro that seems almost brand new for sale.


    Laptop Screens

    One of the most common faults dealing with laptop repair is laptop screens.  They are quite fragile and can easily be broken.  We see around 10 laptops a week in for repair due to smashed or cracked laptop screens.

    There are a few ways that laptop screens can be broken.  More often than not this is due to mishandling of the laptop and nothing to do with the design of the device itself.

    Due to the amount of laptop screens we have now to fix on almost daily basis we have outsourced this to a national company that work in closely with big box retailers like PC World, Best Buy and similar.

    Laptop screens are easy to fix if you know what you are doing however the screens themselves can be costly to replace so outsourcing this type of repair has given us access to very low priced screens.  This is because the company we’ve out sourced the work to deal with such high volumes of laptop screens they can secure screens at a price like a smaller business would no way be able to compete with.

    We’ve seen screens that have had red wine spilled on them with a sort of misty appearance.  The screen still works but looks like it’s been in a steam room.

    spilled wine on laptop screen

    Smashed screens with bent sides, usually when a laptop has been picked up by the side of the screen and the glass has cracked.  The screen looks like it’s bleeding an oozy mess.  In fact this is the liquid crystal display (LCD) leaking into other parts of the laptop panel.

    leaking laptop screen

    We’ve seen screens that have been smashed from the outside by an umbrella or similar.  That has hit the lid of the screen and smashed the screen from the outside.  Other screen failures include a set of headphones that were left on the laptop keyboard when the laptop was closed.  This cracked the glass and shards of glass went everywhere.

    Anyway this national company that do laptop screen repairs have offered us a direct booking system with our customers.  In the coming months you’ll be able to phone them directly or book your repair via a new web form we are developing.  All you have to state is the laptop model number, your name and where/when you want the laptop picked up from.  They will then dispatch a courier that will pick up the laptop from your home or work or even your grannies! Take the laptop in for repair and send back within 2 working days and your screen will be fixed.

    Best of all the new screen that is fitted inside your laptop will come with a 1 year warranty so if it should fail for any reason (excluding accidental damage) the will cover it under their warranty period of 12 months.

    Anyway stay tuned for this new service we will have it up and running shortly in the meantime if you have a laptop screen to be fixed and are based in Manchester give us a call for a quote.

    Memory Upgrade

    Probably one of the best ways to speed up your computer or laptop is by upgrading the memory.  If you have an older laptop you’ll find that the system memory (the memory that is used by the system when operating) may not be sufficient.

    The main cause of insufficient system memory or RAM (Random Access Memory) is just the age of your laptop.  You’ll find when you buy the laptop that it has plenty of memory but over time as newer software comes out for example new versions of Microsoft internet explorer, ant- virus products & automatic hotfix updates   they require more RAM to run.

    So even though you might be doing the same tasks on the laptop the software has changed and requires more RAM to operate.  Most of these newer software updates are almost hidden as the software looks the same and performs the same tasks but unfortunately software developers have a tendency to increase the system requirements of their software titles over time.

    Sometimes you’ll find that your hard drive might have reached capacity but here at Laptop Repair Manchester this is rarely the case most laptops or computers purchased in the last 7 years have huge hard drive capacities and unless you’re downloading or ripping DVD movies to your laptop you’ll find that you have plenty of hard drive space.  The hard drive is the other for of memory on your laptop commonly referred to storage memory as this is where the system stores software & files the operating memory (RAM) is an all together different beast.

    laptop memory upgrade manchester

    Common laptop memory

    So how do I upgrade my laptop memory?  Well it’s actually pretty easy if you know what you are doing.  Like all things in life!  Here at Laptop Repair Manchester we have a bunch of software tools, when you take your laptop computer into us we’ll check to see how much RAM you currently have in your system.  We will analyse the system and see if it really does require a memory upgrade – sometimes there are other reasons your system can run slow.  More on this later.

    Once we’ve determined the amount of RAM and type f RAM in your system we can source the correct amount and type for upgrade.  There are 3 common types of laptop memory and sizes vary.  The correct type of RAM and correct amount of RAM must be installed into your system.

    how to upgrade laptop memory

    The laptop memory compartment in a laptop.

    Most laptops have good designs for upgrading the laptop memory usually by removing only one screw on the back of the laptop this gives our technicians access to the memory compartment on your laptop.  However there are some laptops that have an internal memory slot and the keyboard must be removed on your laptop to access the laptop memory slots.  In most cases the actual laptop memory upgrade process only takes about a minute once the correct type and amount of memory has been determined.  As it takes such a short period of time we only charge a small amount for laptop memory upgrades in Manchester.

    Virus Removal

    Over the course of 2010 we had a large number of customers contracting viruses on their laptops and computers.  Here at Laptop Repair Manchester we’ve optimised our virus removal procedure and now have a fast turn around on all virus removal jobs.

    We get a number of customers coming to us with no anti-virus products on their system what so ever.  You’ll usually find that most laptops and computers come with pre-installed anti-virus products that offer a free trial usually 90 days or if your lucky 1 year.

    After the trial period is up then you have to purchase the full version.  This is when we start seeing customers as they are not sure if they should be providing credit card details over their PC for full versions of anti-virus software.

    We personally do not recommend any of the products that come pre-installed on the big name brand computers such as Dell, Acer, Sony, PC World.  The anti-virus software usually bloats the system and slow it down.  As well as not being really that secure.

    We also do not recommend “free” anti virus soultions – they are free for a reason!  As the saying goes – you get what you pay for.  Give us a call or email us and we can direct your to the best priced anti-virus products currently on the market.

    kaspersky anti virus

    Laptop DC jack repair

    One of the main laptop repair problems is when the power jack port stops working on a notebook. Sometimes these are generally referred to as Dc port, electricity connection or power socket. Just about all these names refer to the primary power port on the laptop computer.

    The notebook DC jack port may break for many causes. Occasionally we get customers coming to us which declare that the laptop computer power jack has failed when in reality it is actually the power charger and absolutely nothing to do with the computer itself.

    laptop repair manchester

    The electric power jack breakdown could be as a consequence of following reasons:

    Broke off: the power wire might have been aggressively ripped from the notebook computer.

    Worn off: with time inserting and also unplugging the power connection into the netbook wears down the laptop power jack connection and the soldier joints could become loosened

    Dropped the laptop computer: you might have dropped the notebook computer and the power jack has slipped into itself.

    These are just one or two of the factors dc port could have failed. Thankfully the majority of Electrical jacks are extremely cheap to switch, the price of a new port is only a few pounds based on the type of laptop.

    The major cost whenever repairing a Dc port on the laptop computer is the time associated. The whole netbook is required to be stripped down and taken apart to get to the main system board which houses the laptop computer Dc port. This involves commonly between an hour to two hours worth of labor. Once the notebook has been dissembled it’s then the case of de-soldering the old Power port and replacing with a new Dc connector.

    The brand new Power port is then examined just before re-constructing the notebook. As soon as all tests are accomplished it’s then a case of putting the laptop back together. This procedure is time intensive and as part of the procedure we have a tendency to give the interior notebook elements a good thoroughly clean as dirt may build-up over time and having a internally clean laptop computer can cause lengthier life expectancy which is an additional value service that we provide.

    As mentioned the primary cost when it concerns fixing a notebook computer Power jack is the time involved fortunately the service is provided at a fixed price. At this time there are a handful of models of laptop where it may cost a little more to repair the Dc port however this is due to the accessibility to components. You’ll discover a few types of Sony VAIO systems and acer’s fall under this particular group nevertheless it a small percentage.

    As mentioned at the start of this post we sometimes receive customers visiting us when they feel there connector is on the blink however after some initial checks the notebook charger is at fault. We use high end multi meter’s to measure the voltage from the laptop computer charger, if we don’t obtain a continuous voltage from the battery charger then we swap the battery charger – this typically cures the issue. The other advantage of testing both the Dc jack along with charger is that often swapping a laptop computer battery charger is really a much easier and cheaper solution.

    Laptop Recycling Solutions

    Technology moves fast, personal computers and laptops go out of date almost as soon as you buy them and they leave the shop. With the ever lowering costs of laptops we’ve been finding that customers are dumping their old laptops for new one of all shapes and sizes. Be it net books or iPads many customers are upgrading there laptop system (some only a couple of years old) for new systems with Windows 7 installed.

    Here at Laptop Repair Birmingham we get numerous enquiries about what to do with old laptops. Probably the most prevalent thing we see is an old laptop dumped within the bin! This can be wrong on 3 levels.

    1) There are components within older laptops that could be utilised. Usually we are able to salvage the laptop computer LCD display. We get numerous customers coming to us with smashed or cracked laptop screens – rather than having to buy a brand new display screen we are able to change the display which has a reconditioned 1 from an older laptop computer. This really is an benefit for the environment and the buyer since it lessens the cost of this kind of a restore.

    2) The environment isn’t going to like laptop computer batteries if reality they are not truly green whatsoever. If a laptop ends up inside a landfill then absolutely nothing could possibly be even worse, very poisonous! We consider and recycle older batteries from laptops in any respect cost.

    3) Starving children in Africa require laptops to. When we find a laptop computer that may be cleaned up we’ll wipe the data off it give it a new bill of health and attempt and sell it. Sometimes laptops are just too old and slow for that western world however and they can’t be marketed – in this situation we donate them to 3rd world nations exactly where they’ll be place to great use. Once more avoiding them ending up in a landfill.